The Strategic Business Area

Consultancy and support services to develop Telecommunication projects

Project management services, assistance and technical support to develop projects of telecommunication networks implementation and maintenance to support Vendors and System Integrators.

Telecommunication sector

Experience in a specific sector

The Strategic Business Area acquired skills in infrastructural telecommunication networks sector enabling the Group to develop projects according to needs of companies operating there

Telco & Media

Development and supply of consultancy and project management services to support realization and management of fixed and mobile network infrastructures.

Case histories

Case histories


  • Project management;
  • Process analysis;
  • Consultancy;
  • Technical support;
  • Fixed and mobile telecommunication services;
  • Provisioning and delivery systems;
  • Network Operation Centre;
  • Audit of technological systems;
  • Monitoring of infrastructures and networks;
  • Business processes management;
  • Technical and operational documentation editing.