Baku: signed the agreement for audit on fibre optic networks

DBA Group S.p.A announces the signature of an agreement with the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan to perform an auditing activity on local fibre optic networks.

DBA Group will conduct a thorough analysis of processes and procedures for the design and the construction of the FTTH network in Azerbaijan according to commonly adopted best practices, exploiting the strong competencies already acquired thanks to the services for design, Project Management Office (PMO) and ICT supplied over the years to Vodafone and Metroweb and at present to Enel Open Fibre and Italtel for the realisation of the new Italian Ultra Broad Band network.

This agreement confirms again the primary role of DBA Group in the Caspian region, where the Group is always strongly interested in all evolutionary developments of the Belt and Road Initiative.