Center for data processing and Control Rooms for the MOSE: DBA Group and Fastweb win the contract

DBA Lab Spa and DBA Progetti Spa, in a temporary association with Fastweb S.p.A, have been assigned the RFP for the design, realization and the subsequent maintenance of the IT system of the Centri di Elaborazione Dati (centers for data processing) and of the Sale di Controllo (control rooms) of the Tese della Novissima at the Arsenale di Venezia (Venitian Arsenal).

The activities of the contract assigned to DBA Group and Fastweb S.p.A. aim to implement three state-of-the-art centers for data elaboration (a main one, a back up one to the main one and a third one for Disaster Recovery) designed to respond to the highest international standards. More specifically, DBA will handle the design of the technological installations, while Fastweb will ensure the achievement of the optic fiber network servicing the Tese and the infrastructure that will ensure the computing power of the data centres. The creation of additional components is envisaged, typically the ones for the support of the complex centers of data processing such as power supply and conditioning installations, video surveillance and access control in order to guarantee the safest security standards for the personnel and the infrastructure during the operation. These activities will be complemented by setup of the infrastructure and IT systems of the control rooms (i.e. the rooms from which the command of the cofferdams will be given and from where the representatives of the institutions, involved in the handling and management of the Crisis Unity, will work from.All these engineering services, as well as the development of specific software in support of the Control Rooms complete the contract. The software of the Control Room in particular, will be developed according to the latest available technology and cyber security standards, eith the objective to protect the MOSE, as it is qualified as a national strategic asset.