This forecasting modelling platform, developed according to the paradigms of IoT, Big Data and machine learning, allows assessing environmental impact. It is based on use and integration of data collected by a distributed and heterogeneous network of environmental sensors and sophisticated forecasting models created by AI technologies


  • real-time monitoring of environmental matrices
  • prediction of potential environmental critical issues
  • support of the business decision-making process with simulation of “what-if” scenarios

The Platform

Business Logic

customised and configured according to the specific business process

Frontend web

for smart representation and management of places, infrastructures and facilities

Frontend 3D

for smart representation and management of places

Data Analytics

and advanced dashboards for management and control

Machine Learning

and advanced techniques of Artificial Intelligence


to support decisions and simulate “what-if” scenarios


of external sensors and information systems

Control Tower
For the virtual reconstruction of places of interest, real-time presentation of situations, historical traffic data of vehicles, forecast of traffic flows
Scenario simulation and 3D visualisation
The system is able to display a navigable and interactive 3D representation of the place of interest, in real time and in the past
Quality of environmental parameters
Through the monitoring of the sensor network and the reconstruction of the environmental model, the system returns an estimate and prediction of the impact of polluting activities in the place of interest.
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