DBA Group at IAPH Conference of Bali

DBA Group at the 30th IAPH World Ports Conferrence 2017 of Bali (Indonesia) from the 7thto the 12thMay, hosted by the stand of Baku’s Port. From the end of 2016 DBA Group is in partnership with Baku’s Port and provides engineering and architecture services for the new port in Alat, and furthermore, services for the development of automation platform and port and logistic processes of the new port.

Bali’s conference represents an important occasion to present the suite of products developed by the Group for the optimization of the information flows and the logistic processes of the Port Authorities and of the Terminal Operators. There were more than 500 participants at the events, including numerous Port Authorities and other from the Port Logistics and from the maritime industry.

The main topic at the conference: “Enabling Trade, Energizing the World”: a challenge that DBA Group has the intention to seize presenting the suite Portline’s products.