DBA Intermodal Digital Suite is an integrated solution for the management of logistics processes related to the Intermodal Transport. It has been developed according to microservices architecture principles, modular and highly scalable, natively integrable with the DBA SINFONIST suite. It is composed of three interoperable products: Vehicle Booking System (VBS), Intermodal Terminal Operating System (I-TOS) and Rail Shunting System (RSS).

Vehicle Booking System

It manages  the entry/exit of trucks at the port and the delivery/pick-up of cargo units (containers, semitrailer and swap bodies) and goods at the terminals

Master data

Truck companies can shares with the VBS system the master data of its fleet and drivers; the Terminal Operator configures the characteristics of its terminal: storage areas, operational capacity in terms of vehicles and employees

Slot management

Each Terminal Operator can define custom rules to dynamically manage the remaining capacities of each slot according to the terminal characteristics and the type of ITU that have to be handled

Access booking

Trucks companies book the pick-up and/or delivery of ITU according to their needs and the availability of free slots.

Truck announcement

The Driver confirms the booking starting the mission with the actual vehicle and driver data available (truck announcement). The Driver can therefore update the cargo and seal data in accordance with the loaded cargo (CMR). Truck announcement permits to the Terminal Operator to receive in advance relevant data and implement a Fast Lane/Gate Automation

M2M interface

The VBS system can interface with existing GOS and/or TOS systems and Port Authorities' PCS. The VBS system can integrate and manage one or more logistics nodes at the same time

Intermodal Terminal Operating System

I-TOS manages all process and operations of an intermodal terminal: entry/exit of trucks, loading/unloading of trains/RoRo vessels. It keeps track of all ITU operations and digitalizes all the required documents. The EDI module permits the integration with IT systems of third parties (freight forwarders, shippers, MTOs, Customs, etc.)

Booking module

Freight forwarders and truck companies use the booking module to share or make reservations and the announcement of ITU to be picked-up and/or delivered

Backoffice module

Allows the complete management of the voyages by vessel, train and road. Digitalize the documents: CIM, loading list, cargo manifest, cargo plan, IMO FAL, etc

Gate module

Allows the acquisition and the monitoring of vehicles and persons passing through the terminal

Yard module

Set of Android applications (palmtops or tablets) used by operators who can access data from the central system and perform specific operations (e.g. identification of ITUs, damage and seal detection, train composition check, ITU movement, loading/unloading, etc.)

Reporting and KPI module

This module is dedicated to the terminal manager and allows the consultation and production of reports and KPI in different formats (Excel, PDF and Word)

Billing module

It allows the production of all operational data needed to support the invoicing

Rail Shunting System

RSS is an effective and integrated solution for Railway Shunting Operators. It allows to manage, optimise and monitor in real time all the phases related to the manoeuvres and positioning (coupling and uncoupling) of railway wagons inside the shunting areas, terminals and station through locomotives

Service Requests

Allows the customer to directly enter into the system all the requests related to wagons and additional services (wagons, cargo information, weighing and additional services)


This functionality is intended to support, in the medium / long period, the planning of arrival/departure of trains and to schedule the shunting manoeuvres

Trains Management

Allows to detail what has been defined in the general planning phase, with a daily schedule, integrating all the changes that may occur

Shunting management

Allows the shunting operator to manage the information for the for the handling operations (primary/secondary or single manoeuvre, block train, wagons request and additional services management)

Field Operations

Allows the management of operations of the team in the field and on the locomotive through a set of Android applications (handheld or tablet)

Synoptic and wagon Position

It allows the real-time acquisition and representation of tracks status

Billing module

It allows the extraction of all operational data needed to support the invoicing

Wagon Master Data

Railway and shunting companies can easily manage the master data of their wagon fleet

Locomotive Master Data

The shunting company can easily manage its own fleet of locomotives