Safety Management

POSIC is a web-based portal for the management of on-site as prescribed by Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 and no. 106/2009 (Consolidated Safety Act) and European Directive 92/57/EEC.


Process Model

Coordination and control of the activities of the various professionals involved

Management System

Automatic production and organisation of the necessary documents and self-certifications

Management System

Storage of the documentation produced, sharing and circulation of documents and information.


  • Guarantees compliance with safety regulations in accordance with Italian Law.
  • Facilitates management across multiple locations, sites, works, construction sites
  • Facilitates the control of a large number of suppliers and the relative documentation
  • Optimises communication between the various operators involved and adapts to complex organisational structures.
  • Reinforces the culture of quality and safety in the workplace
  • Plans and conducts audits, site inspections, and checklists.
  • One centralised repository for all documentation