The Asset and Project Management solution

DBA Project+ is a modular, collaborative and web-based, multi-project and multi-site solution for Asset and Project Management.


Workflow Management

DBA PROJECT + computerizes any process in order to create orderly, controllable and measurable workflows.

Document Management

DBA PROJECT+ assists you in the production and cataloguing of documents, it follows you anywhere and has advanced features for checklists and site visits.

Web Based

DBA PROJECT+ is a web-based platform accessible to all professionals with defined user profiles. DBA PROJECT+ can be purchased in individual modules under a software or pay-per-use licence.

Asset Management

  • Characterisation of the Asset through information and documents
  • Managing information relating to buildings or infrastructures
  • Immediate correlation between current and past activities of the project and Asset.
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Creation of workgroups

Project Management

  • Management of infrastructure construction projects.
  • Real-time monitoring of projects currently being worked on.
  • Activity planning, cost control, document sharing

Audit and Survey

Management of contracted activities by defining checklists and reports via tablets and smartphones.

Document Management

For archiving, searching and managing documents relating to each project.

Business Intelligence

Detailed or summary dashboard.


Management of safety measures in accordance with company rules and procedures.