Rail Shunting System

DBA RSS is a simple and integrated solution for Railway Shunting that manages and monitors in real time the manoeuvring and positioning stages of the railway wagons inside the port area.
This system supports Customers in their medium and long term choices and in planning and optimising their resources.


  • Support for the management of railway shunting
  • Digitalisation of processes
  • Automatic communication between the operators involved
  • Information in real time
  • Optimisation of resources, consumption and performance
  • Increased capacity of the service

Information exchange

The system provides automatic communication to and from external systems of the main operators involved (Infrastructure managers, Railways Companies, Terminal Operators and Connectors) and the electronic exchange of information.

Performance optimisation

The system assesses the availability of personnel and equipment, the priority of the requests received and the distances from the delivery terminals.

Graphic display

DBA RSS provides a synoptic that gives a complete view of the entire area of the managed railway park, showing the locomotives, wagons and tracks.

Real-time information

Tracks and their state of occupancy;
Status of locomotives (being pushed or pulled), wagons, pulleys and convoys;
Recent operations, ongoing or imminent.


The system offers the Customer a dashboard for monitoring and managing the performances through the main indicators or KPIs set.