Hydrogen refueling service now in Venice Mestre

With the delivery of the first hydrogen-powered cars, the first public refueling service of hydrogen for mobility started a few weeks ago in Venice Mestre
The way is always led by a demanding challenge divided in its technological aspects and in the correct management of administrative requirements for the authorization of a facility open to the public in an already urbanized area.
We thank the Municipal Administration of Venice, the Regional Administration, the Provincial Command of the Fire Brigade and all the individuals involved in managing the authorization process (completed in just six months).
Now let’s move on to the process of lessons learned of this project, to train our team on the critical issues resolved and the risks managed, and to be able to share with the subjects involved the needs to encourage the spread of the hydrogen vector in the automotive sector.
This is a strong signal of response to the demand for sustainable mobility for an effective and concrete energy transition in which DBA also feels a protagonist.