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Sinfonist is a modular software suite capable of "orchestrating" any process to manage the life cycle of a building or infrastructure. It stems from thirty years of experience the DBA group has in design, management and digitization of these processes.


Web Based

Sinfonist is a web-based platform accessible in “SaaS” or “On Premise”


Sinfonist is a platform that can be integrated with the client’s legacy systems


Sinfonist is a modular solution that can grow over time as needed

Efficient management

Sinfonist reduces the time and costs of managing processes

Correct processes

Sinfonist guarantees the correct application of client’s processes and workflows

Updated documents

Sinfonist has an integrated schedule to constantly update documents

Sinfonist allows different configurations

The modules can be combined according to your configuration needs


Thanks to this module, it is possible to define the assets contained in the site using the rules defined by the COBiE hierarchy. Standard used in the BIM environment to manage maintenance


The module not only allows to manage resource allocation and planning, but also to design processes around different project activities so that it becomes an orchestrator used by different stakeholders


This module allows to digitize the processes of audits and inspections in the field whilst also managing related events and actions


The module manages the activities related to the final accounting processes


This module allows to have a computerized and timely management of safety compliance in a building or on a construction site


The module contains the functions necessary for the obligations required by law 81/2008 on Health & Safety assurance on workplaces


The module allows to manage suppliers qualification and performance monitoring