New Project: DBA Pro in Moscow

Pleased to announce the start of the collaboration between DBA Pro. and Mosinzhproekt in the development of the concept design for architectural and urban design of a Multi-functional Complex of the intermodal node (TPU) Petrovsko-Razumovskaya.

Mosinzhproekt is one of the leading engineering, construction and project management companies in Russia, specializing in transportation infrastructure and public services. Since 1958, Mosinzhproekt has built over 4,000 km of city streets, 100 transport interchanges on different levels, 300 underpasses and pedestrian overpasses, public services for inhabited areas, embankments, reservoirs, fields, as well as to the “Zaryadye Park” in the Kremlin in Moscow and at the Luzhniki stadium inaugurated for the 2018 football world cup. DBA Group has been present in Russia since 2006 and today has 2 offices, one in Moscow and one in St. Petersburg, using on-site customer support through a team of Russian professionals.

In addition to the design of the DBA Pro infrastructures, thanks to this project also to give its creative contribution for the design of strategic intermodal nodes for the city of Moscow, interchange points between different types of mobility (urban and suburban roads, metro lines, Aeroexpress connection between city and airport and railways), where important multifunctional real estate projects are concentrated. The intermodal node Petrovsko-Razumovskaya includes a new passenger terminal serving buses, subways and railways, commercial areas, offices, areas for all hospitality and residences for a total surface area of ??280,000 sqm.