News from Actual Group

Actual I. T. carried out measures for preventing infections with COVID-19 virus. With the exception of field teams, we made working from home possible for the majority of employees, which is possible to carry out because of nature of our work for vast majority of our business processes. We will start to carry out this measure on March 16, 2020 and it will be in force to revocation.

Next to this, we want to tell you that level of our services that we are carrying out for you isn’t changing. We will be carrying out all contractual agreed activities still ahead on agreed level, which is including response times, agreed services and eventual deliveries in scope, where we aren’t bound to foreign suppliers. You can use agreed contact addresses and telephone numbers for communication with us. The service of admitting and the treatment of your claims or incidents still works and it will work in entire scope.

Because we can expect in future, that further measures will be accepted on government level, we will monitor situation regularly. In case, any measure will reach to our operating ability we will communicate this in time and, arrange the most efficient way for every individual contract.

On every manner, we will let you know any change at once, when it will be possible.