Port of Baku: official adoption of Port-Line

DBA Group S.p.A announces official start using of port-line to manage logistic operations in new port of Baku.

During the historic ceremony at the New Port of Baku in Alat, the first trucks have been loaded into ship in the new Ro-Ro terminal of the Port of Baku with the participation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev. The new terminal consisting of two berths will be able to handle 2 million tons of cargo or 60 000 trucks annually. All the operational processes will be managed by Port-Line, the software developed by DBA Group, that in mid-2016 started to develop a port operations software for the new Port of Baku located 70 km south of the capital, near the township of Alat, part of the Greater Baku.

The Port-Line system constitutes the basis for the development of a telematic platform for the integral automation of handling goods transiting the new Port of Baku. It will also enable electronic integration with other stakeholders in the logistics community and transmission of trade and customs documentation of goods carried along the Silk Road between East and West.

In this regard, The Port-Line software complies with the aim of the local government to create a modern e-platform hub to serve the region for countries such as Russia, Iran, Georgia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan bordering the Caspian and Black Sea for the facilitation of trade flows.

DBA Group is providing Port of Baku not only with the Port Community System (PCS) and two Terminal Operations Systems (TOS), but also as part of the conceptual layout design of the Port of Baku, with the architectural design of the first operating office buildings which is already completed, and the new Passenger Terminal, currently in advanced design phase. The passenger terminal will handle all passengers and rolling ferries arriving and departing from the half-dozen Caspian ports. In total DBA Group has been awarded with a contract in the amount of 2 million euros.

The cerimony video