Puglia with DBA a new Silicon Valley. Technological Development and growth opportunities

DBA Lab, operative company of DBA Group, active in Puglia since 2015, illustrated in Bari the results of the Ismael platform, which has been designed to predict the environmental impact of anthropic activities and be applicable to port cities and infrastructure around the world.

The Ismael system has been experimented in the port of Bari and in urban areas adjacent to the port, giving life to a real-time reporting and to the creation of reliable and tested models able to correlate different sources and predict the phenomena studied in the days following the event and simulate different scenarios.

The parameters of the air were monitored together with those of water, defining for example turbidity, mg/L and temperature.

Francesco De Bettin, President of DBA Group, said that the Company is honoured to convey investments in one of the most beautiful regions in the world that knows how to innovate, uses Community funding well and that can aspire to become a new Silicon Valley. The conclusion of the project coincides with the three years of the birth of the new Apulian branch of DBA, in Lecce, where 22 graduates are now employed and are still in progress activities in recruitment for graduates in computer science, statistics, mathematics, physics and Engineering.

Thanks to the region of Puglia, municipality of Bari, Adsp of the southern Adriatic Sea and ARPA Puglia, partner of this initiative.