Sustainability has always been part of our DNA. Legality, fairness and transparency are fundamental and indispensable principles for the economic and social development of DBA Group. Human capital is our strength and we apply technological innovation to the infrastructure life cycle to increase productivity and make our Clients' projects and the markets they serve, more efficient and safe.
" … let's re-start from our roots. Our path as a company is now directed towards a design that regards as key elements energy saving, ecological transition and digitization of processes and services to support the life cycle of infrastructure, while safeguarding environmental and people's well-being. We believe that this is the only possible and sustainable future... "… "
Stefano De Bettin
Chairman of the Sustainability Steering Committee DBA Group


Our sustainability path points to the substance, strategies and corporate values, it is a mandatory path to continue creating value in the medium and long term, it is an ethical and moral duty.


Sustainability is at the core of our development and business model and is an integral part of our strategic plans. We pursue respect for people, for the environment and for the spread of innovation to benefit individuals, the community, ourselves and our customers.


In 2021 and 2022 DBA Group decided to join, together with other companies, a number of urban reforestation projects: thanks to Arbolia, Società Benefit in

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Our hives

We are in Valbrenta (VI), near the Massiccio del Grappa, there we have our Hives, populated by 300,000 bees. Our path towards the world around

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DBA for the territory

DBA Group and its operating companies have always been committed to supporting sports, cultural and social initiatives in the area in which they operate. Over

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Respecting the environment and minimizing consumption through policies related to the circular economy for us and our customers
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Cutural and sports activities in the territory. Training, inclusion, legality and equal opportunities for our people.
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Organization, Management and Control Model 231, Code of Ethics and certifications in quality, health & safety, environment and information security.
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To respect the Environment (E), all DBA’s operating locations have undergone structural and plants engineering improvements to achieve maximum Energy Savings, minimization of Consumption and better comfort conditions for employees in compliance with minimum legal standards. The company has adopted an ISO 14001:2015 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, a Circular Economy policy and a policy for waste management, and constantly monitors consumption at its Italian offices.


The Group is active in Social (S) and participates in the promotion of activities in the cultural and sports fields in the area in which it operates. Special attention is paid to gender equality and the promotion of inclusion. Staff training is an integral part of our development project.


Since 2012, DBA Group has adopted the Organization, Management and Control Model required by the Legislative Decree 231/01 and its Code of Ethics, we also comply with the European regulation on Privacy (GDPR). DBA has also completed, through its subsidiaries, the acquisition of QUALITY, HEALTH & SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT, INFORMATION SECURITY AND CYBERSECURITY certifications