The Politecnico di Milano opens the door to DBA

The Politecnico di Milano opens the doors to DBA Progetti and Studio Zaccarelli technicians. They provide for measures for adaptation to fire prevention standards on more than 80 buildings inside the campus Città Studi, Bovisa and Cremona.

The buildings house in general school activities, offices, laboratories, spaces for teaching and specialized research, technological systems and public shows, garages, archives and warehouses.

The two companies are responsible for fire prevention system design to achieve a compliance opinion of the Fire Department and adjustment to fire prevention standards. This task is carried out with use of the web-based platform for Project and Asset Management, a tool that allows the Politecnico and two companies constantly under control activities and processes, coordination of all actors putting in sharing data and documents continuously updating, verification of physical and economic planning, monitoring of progress and job status with evidence of those critical or awaiting completion. This web-based platform for Project and Asset Management was developed by DBA Lab, a DBA Group company, and allows you to manage and control activities and processes relating in particular to interventions Multi Site or Multi Project.

Thanks to the joint-venture between DBA Progetti and STZ has been able to combine and integrate long experience of a company specialized in Fire Prevention field (STZ), with specialized know-how and innovative software tools for managing processes and particularly for Project and Asset Management (DBA). Both companies could develop various experiences in specific fire prevention field, thanks to collaboration of the Italian Commands and experience of experts of the two companies, also qualified as members of the Central Technical and Scientific Committee on Fire Prevention at the Ministry of Interior (CCTS), as well as members of various commissions to study and review of fire standards.