The RSS software for Port Rail Ltd.

DBA in Burgas, Bulgaria, for the final delivery and Go-Live phase of the project RSS (Rail Shunting System) for Port Rail Ltd.
Port Rail Ltd. is currently the shunting operator with the broadest scope of activity in the Gulf of Burgas. It manages the cargo flow of all industrial branches at Burgas station, and the large cargo volume is processed at terminals of BMF Port Burgas EAD (Burgas East 2 and Burgas West), including the cargo of the leading Bulgarian companies, such as: Aurubis Bulgaria AD, INSA GROUP, Bulmarket DM EOOD, Huss OOD, Promet Steel EAD, etc.
To date, Port Rail Ltd. employs over 200 experienced professionals in the railway transportation field and its fleet consists of 16 diesel locomotives, 4 both diesel-electric locomotives, 24 EAOS freight wagons, and 4 electrical shunting vehicles.
The RSS software will support the client Port Rail Ltd., in the medium and long-term period, to manage the following activities inside the port area of Burgas and in the industrial site of Pirdop: planning, execution, control, and measurement of the manoeuvres, based on available infrastructures and resources, services requested by customers, incoming rail traffic and planned departures.
The RSS software is an integrated and scalable web application, with a user friendly and responsive interface, developed using a flexible and ultramodern microservices based development approach and leveraging on DBA’s vast long-lasting experience in the Ports and Logistic sector by the Transport & Logistics IT Unit of DBA PRO. The RSS web-based application completed by its mobile device application for in field operations, manages and monitors, in real time, all the phases concerning the manoeuvres (“shunting”) and positioning (uncoupling and coupling) of railway wagons.