Actual as the WP5 – Pilot implementation package leader

Actaul is playing a crucial role in the final phase of the DigLogs project, WP5 – Project pilots implementation, with the following objectives:

  • to test the most valuable solutions mapped in the previous work packages
  • to demonstrate reliability and applicability of innovative solutions assessed to a larger group of stakeholders
  • to improve hubs performances towards multimodality management and passengers mobility improvement
  • to determine transferability measures to allow players outside the partnership to adopt tested solutions
  • to collect together precise indications to guarantee project results durability


Seven pilots are to be implemented under Actual’s WP supervision, related to the freight and passenger sector. As the WP5 package leader, Actual has been steering the pilot project partners’ actions, reviewing in details each Pilot Work Plan (PWP), making sure pilots are in accordance with the AF and delivery of the WP5 objectives. At the same time, as the only technological partner within the partnership, Actual has performed technical reviews of all the PWPs. Most importantly, Actual is engaged as the developer of one of the freight pilots: the Deliveries Planning pilot, to be implemented with the project partner Polo Inoltra.