COVID-19: We are operating mainly remotely through the smart working

In accordance with COVID-19 containment measures, since 16th March 2020 Actual d.o.o, the partner in the EU funded project DigLogs under the Interreg Italy-Croatia programme, has been operating mainly remotely through the smart working, in order to reduce the movement of people and direct contacts as much as possible. Despite the limitations, we continued to deliver the highest levels of quality, performance, availability and security for our clients.

DigLogs project activities have been continued via e-mail, skype and Zoom platform, in order to continue the uninterrupted execution. Actual staff is used to work remotely, applying suitable online tools and using social skills, in order to provide high quality of service. Our project tasks have been executing in a timely manner. Our response time is as normal. However, additional time and effort has been invested in communication activities with clients who are not up to speed with smart working, in order to ensure smooth project execution.