DigLogs Final Event

The DigLogs Final Event and Partners meeting has taken place on 1st and 2nd December 2021 in Venice. As WP5 package leader, Actual’s PM has witnessed the final pilot presentations, checked the status of all 7 pilot actions, their required deliverables and timeframes, making sure all has been completed as per AF. Actual’s PM provided reminders and instructions to the pilot PPs on how to finalize the missing WP5 deliverables and fulfill the project objectives, following up on their timely completion. Actual and LP presented the Transferability Plan and the expectations from each partner in regards to the last deliverable, the Action Plan, providing the guidelines and clarifications to the project partners. Actual’s PM has actively participated in the follow up project discussion, sourcing the ideas for the possible projects to be. Actual has concluded its project footprint at the Final Steering Committee meeting, followed by the final networking event with project partners.

You can find all the pilot video clips and project information at the project website: