Innovation in digitalisation of Adriatic ports with the participation of DBA Group

Croatian subsidiary of DBA Group, Actual I.T. d.o.o., has become an active partner in the EU funded project DigLogs under the Interreg Italy-Croatia programme, which has the goal to introduce the digitalisation and innovative technologies in the transportation services for passenger and cargo terminals in Adriatic ports. The role of Actual is as the work package leader of the final Pilot implementation phase of the project, that will take place in the period 2019-2021 and includes partners – CFLI (Intermodal Logistics Traning Consortium), Venezia, Elevante, Trieste, Regional Union of the Chambers of Commerce of Veneto Region, Venezia, University of Trieste, Cluster for innovation in logistics and transport system, Pescara, Port of Rijeka Authority, Port of Rovinj Authority and Port of ibenik Authority. The project is led by Faculty for the maritime studies, Rijeka, Croatia. The kick of meeting was organized by the lead partner, Faculty of the maritime studies in Rijeka on 28th February and 1st March. Actual I.T. d.o.o. has been assigned the role of the work package leader of the final Pilot implementation phase and will be actively participating and contributing to the work of all preceding 4 phases of the project, leading to the implementation of the 7 pilot actions in various Croatian and Italian hubs, which are going to test the most valuable solutions mapped in the previous 4 work packages. DigLogs project has a budget of 2,5 million euro and aims to increase the quality of transportation services, monitoring and efficiency of port communities, which includes logistic operators, authorities and passengers. At the same time the aim is to reduce the impact of port and logistic operations on the local communities and preservation of environment.