Dry Cargo Area Sea Trade | Port of Taman



  • Activities: Feasibility Study; Preliminary Design
  • Date: 2007 – 2009
  • Total Value of Works: 5,081,112,490.00 €

The Russian Federation Government has assigned the Investment Analysis regarding the Taman Sea Trade Port Dry Cargo Area including engineering services in order to decide, among three different options, the best location to implement the following activities:

  • Common area for logistic activities;
  • Container Terminal;
  • Grain Terminal;
  • Coal Terminal;
  • Mineral Fertilizer Terminal;
  • Timber Terminal;
  • Cement Terminal;
  • Ro-Ro Terminal.

The design activities have concerned three different options, one for each possible location. According to the results of wave climate studies and geological and geotechnical data analysis, Cape Panagija was chosen as the best location for the port.

The Cape Panagija layout consists of a U-Type dock with a North-oriented entrance. Thanks to this particular layout the main dock is located on the Southern area of the basin, thus reducing the amount of excavation works. Also, shallow waters contribute to minimize the height of waves breaking against the port structures. The terminal for dry bulk to be stored  in silos will be constructed on the shoreline; The Container Terminal is located on the Western wharf; The Ro-Ro Terminal is located on the back wharf.


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